23. June 2021

What collection experience really means – troy in the CallCenter Profi

How can digitalisation help to lift debt collection processes into the New Normal? And what impact does this have on customers, clients and employees? CallCenter Profi explores these and other questions in a recent article and provides exciting insights into the numerous facets of the troy_experience.

The article shows that digitalisation plays just as big a role in debt collection as it does in other areas of life where people want to handle their service matters themselves and according to individual preferences. Offering true omnichannel communication, in real time and simultaneously in a clear form, is one of the major technological challenges. troy has solved this in debt collection, significantly increased recovery rates in many cases and preserved tens of thousands of valuable customer relationships – the clients thank it with an NPS of currently 72.

At the same time, troy has created solutions for its employees to master the variety of communication channels, for example with the help of AI-based real-time coaching. This keeps the jobs full of variety and the employees happy. In addition to human intelligence, troy uses artificial intelligence, for example in the form of text and voice bots, and achieves a new level of self-service offers to end customers with “augmented collections”.

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