Helping you secure customer loyalty!

The recipe for your success

We’ve redeveloped the debt collection process from a sales & marketing perspective. Recover your receivables without sacrificing your valuable customers.

We’re the first company to combine traditional debt collection with proven methods in multichannel marketing.

As befits a debt collection fintech, we do our work effectively, using highly-individualized targeting technologies and artificial intelligence to get the job done.

The troy experience

With troy, we ensure a positive, no-shame experience for your customers – unique in debt collection!

We offer your customers a dialogue that is on par with your customer care quality standards and thus allows a seamless continuation of the customer relationship.

With troy, you can increase your recovery rate AND ensure a smooth customer experience – the ultimate key to customer retention!

Omni-channel debt collection

Open and convincing communication is one of the most important factors for a successful customer dialogue, even more so if you are communicating with customers not only via one channel but offer them the channel mix that is best for them.

Customers expect us to stay on top of their accounts at all times. They’ll often receive an email from us, respond via Messenger, then follow up by calling us and ultimately ask for a confirmation via text message.

We provide a comprehensive omni-channel experience with cutting-edge technology. This way, customers get maximum transparency at all times and our team maintains the optimal level of support.

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