Debt Collection. Reinvented.

At troy, we combine successful debt collection with cutting-edge CRM. Recover your debts and retain your customers with less hassle than ever before.

The troy effect

Many of your customers haven’t repaid their debt due to simple oversight. How can you best reclaim that debt while keeping them as a customer?

Valuable customers…

The percentage of ‘accidental debtors’ depends on your industry and dunning methods. Yet even customers who pay by direct debit occasionally find themselves short on funds. These customers are worth keeping – you’ve invested a lot of money in acquiring them!

…remain loyal to you!

Our mission at troy is simple: recover debt successfully without losing your customers. That’s why we only hire people dedicated to achieving our vision for you.

The future of debt collection is customer-friendly!
That is why troy is the right partner for you!

the friendly debt collectors

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