6. May 2022

“We are far from being an unfriendly collector” – CCO Jochen Schüßler talks to OHN

The eCommerce news portal OnlineHaendlerNews – OHN for short – has conducted an interview with our CCO Jochen Schüßler that has it all. Unfriendly and outdated, these are the buzzwords with which the debt collection industry is still associated.

Tina Plewinski critically drilled down on the strategy that has made us the opinion leader in our industry:

“Here, too, our strategies are based on customer expectations. For example, one of our central concerns is to keep shame and fear out of debt collection. For example, we don’t use words like “debtor” or “debt”; instead, we have customers, our clients’ customers. A tool based on artificial intelligence supports our case managers with real-time coaching during client meetings to use the right, friendly language and the desired content.” – Jochen Schüßler (translated from the original interview).

The interview is available in german, full length at OHN.

Jochen Schüßler on LinkedIn

Tina Plewinski on LinkedIn

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