9. December 2020

troy Company Winner in the TechTour DeepTech Program!

More than 300 European start-ups applied for the TechTour Deep Tech Program, 50 of which were finally selected. This exclusive selection was presented to a jury of experts on November 25, 26 and 27, who in turn selected around 20 European companies as “Company Winners”. And we are one of them!

As a result, we will have the chance to participate in TechTour’s World Tour, where all winners of the global TechTour programs will be invited to attend sessions with leading investors from Europe, the United States, East Asia, the Middle East and West Africa.

This is a unique opportunity for us to meet the world’s top investors. The World Tour will take place in March. We are therefore highly motivated to continue to achieve the best results for our clients in order to be among the best at this event as well.

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