20. July 2021

Outbound-Booster thanks to Mi-Pay

More and more companies are hiring troy to handle four- to five-figure receivables. One instrument that is particularly effective in this receivables segment is outbound calls.

The troy_experience relies on automated voice messages to provide customers with the easiest possible access. These are just as effective as phone calls, but more convenient for customers. Because there is no human on the other end, customers can simply end the call without a guilty conscience if the timing is inconvenient. By connecting to troy_platform, they can be called again later, receive an SMS with more information or a DeepLink to our customer center, or be put through to our staff.

Project manager Dennis on the implementation: “Since we want to achieve an optimal customer experience in all channels, we evaluated a variety of possible technology partners for automated outbound and finally decided on Mi-Pay. The deciding factor was the ability to access the service in real-time via API. This allows us to continuously optimize the process on our side with machine learning.”

Fabian, who is responsible for customer experience and brand, sums up, “After sending the first 10,000 voice messages, we can see that payment rates and customer satisfaction are increasing. These successes motivate us to adopt automated voice messages as an integral part of the troy_experience and further to optimize them continuously.”

If you would like to learn more about the troy_experience and automated voice messages, please feel free to get in touch.

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