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30. August 2018

New fintech start-up troy revolutionises the debt collection process and combines machine learning with a friendly approach

The new fintech company troy is changing the traditional debt collection service industry by incorporating marketing and CRM methods into debt collection. The start-up, which has offices in Lippstadt (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Hamburg, aims to not only recover the receivables but also to maintain the relationship between a business and its customers. To achieve this, troy’s founders Philip Rürup and Till Völzke are relying on multichannel communication as well as an individualised and data-driven approach in combination with decades of debt recovery experience.
troy’s two founders, Philip Rürup and Till Völzke, established their fintech in 2017. Some first clients from the energy supplier, publishing and multichannel retail sectors are already using troy’s innovative debt collection service. In May 2018, troy successfully agreed a seven-digit seed round and managed to win over several investors, including the HTGF (High-Tech Gründerfonds), the 3E Capital Group and several business angels from the world of fintech. The company was then publicly launched in August 2018.
“Around half of the consumers fall behind with payments due to forgetfulness or short-term cash flow problems. Nevertheless, debt collection agencies have so far treated these customers as if they had intentionally defaulted on the debt. The process is impersonal, bureaucratic and unpleasant. It’s obvious that it usually leads to companies losing their customers. We are changing that! We still treat customers as customers, use multichannel CRM and targeting methods that have proven successful, and machine learning. We therefore contact the customers via the communication channel they feel most comfortable with an maintain the customer relationship for our clients,” says Philip Rürup, one of troy’s founders and CEOs.
“What is particularly gratifying is that the individualised, friendly communication as well as the flexible processes also have a positive impact on the recovery quota. This encourages us in our mission to become Europe’s most customer-friendly debt collection agency,” adds Till Völzke.

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Till Völzke
Chief Executive Officer

Philip Rürup
Chief Executive Officer

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