4. October 2021

„Russian-Collection is over“ – Focus Online about troy and the shift of an industry

Focus Online reports in a short article about troy and the shift that is going through the debt collection industry. The article focuses in particular on our customer-friendly self-service solutions. We can gladly forgive the fact that the article still erroneously refers to “clients” and “debtors” here – our solutions and the associated vocabulary are just really new: we look after “customers” and not “debtors”.

The article states (translated from german):

(Jochen, note troy) Schüssler describes what customer wishes the company from Lippstadt had identified: The customer wants to regulate the payment process himself. Preferably as digitally and via app as his banking transactions. He wants all payment methods from cash to Paypal & Co. to credit cards, as well as communication via chats, SMS, messenger services, e-mails and classic letters. Personal support over the phone is also part of the customer’s list of demands. True omnichannel communication with digital self-service via a cloud-based platform.”

If you want to see what troy_experience looks like from our customers’ point of view and what it can do for your business, book a demo with us now.

Read the full article at Focus Online here

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