18. June 2020

Dreamteam Risk Management and Debt Collection in the FAZ

The publishing house Mediaplanet is dedicating a special supplement to the topic of “Risk Management”, which was published today in the FAZ subscriber edition in the guide of the same name. In this “guide to safe management in stormy times”, experts from business and associations point out the opportunities and risks arising from the current crisis and which approaches to solutions in the area of risk management appear appropriate.

Philip Rürup, Founder & MD of the FinTech start-up troy, shows in his article what new impulses can be set by troy as an innovative, technology-based company in the areas of receivables management and collection: “We find that many opportunities arise when risk and receivables management are coordinated. When used properly, a real dream team of risk management and debt collection is created”.

Combining these processes with marketing formulas for success enables customers to have a positive experience and makes them not only pay faster and more often, but also want to maintain their customer relationship. For companies, this means higher liquidity and significant effects on earnings through savings in customer acquisition costs and income from the customer lifetime value thus obtained.

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