31. May 2021

Carnegie on troy: “… a blueprint for what incumbent debt collection providers want to achieve in the future!”

Each year, Investment Bank Carnegie hosts a Receivables Management / Debt Purchase Seminar to hear from key market players on what they see as the trends, opportunities, and challenges for debt collection. This year, ten companies presented, from digital challengers to incumbent market leaders in Europe and the US. 

For the first time, troy was also invited to show the global audience of clients and investors in the debt collection industry what the future of debt collection looks like. Our founder Philip demonstrated the troy_experience and its impact on improving payment rates and customer retention, he explained the further growth strategy and answered questions about the challenges of today’s debt collection incumbents. 

Carnegie’s official commentary on the event states, “We believe Troy’s ability to leverage data analytics while simplifying the customer experience is something many of the incumbents are considering a blueprint for where they want to get.”

Interesse geweckt? Wir freuen uns auf den Austausch!